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Twin Flames Media LLC Mission Statement

Our “Simply DOMINANT website design was created for one fundamental reason and one only.  To be “Simply DOMINANT” in the field.  Using a business owner’s online store (website designer & development) to create its own traffic.  With years of experience in the internet advertising arena and teaming up with one of the best website designers and developers in the world. DOMINANT websites not only delivers cutting edge technology that is very easy to the eye, along with SEO that really works, We will strive to be nothing less then DOMINANT!

Twin Flames Media Mission Statement

Twin Flames Media is a clear choice for businesses and individuals looking to define an online presence with cutting edge website design. We are recognized for creating exceptional, profitable results with the investments entrusted to us by our clients. The persistent commitment and dedication to our work and customer satisfaction is what makes us different. We believe that our WORK is the only true way to measure our success as a web development company. All our resources, talents, abilities and time are dedicated to our work; one client at a time. We make it simple to work with us and the transition of customer requirements from sales to production is seamless and fast.  We will never be satisfied with a project until our clients are satisfied. View Twin Flames Media as your partner towards success.Logo Twin Flames Media Website Design

Who We Are:

Steve & Kristin Hannum Twin Flames Media Google Partner Sacramento

Twin Flames originated from my wife while discussing her Mother and her sister’s relationship and our upcoming Marriage. “Two flames coming together to make one large flame”. Her thought originated from a philosophy of twin flames finding each other and together they could reach the highest of highs.   This goes hand in hand with the products and services we provide here at Twin Flames Media.  Although you may have tried other website design companies and more then likely have a website now. Ask yourself, Does it work? We will not only show you that timing is everything, we stand behind everything we put on a contract and build relationships that last forever. Start your business like you envisioned them, let our website design teams help your company to become DOMINANT in your internet presence! “Simply DOMINANT”

My name is Steve Hannum and I have a vast knowledge and experience in the Advertising world.  I have worked for the likes of Valley Yellow Pages, AT&T Advertising & Publishing and ReachLocal.  In my journeys I have realized the need for traffic producing websites, that small to medium businesses could afford.  Twin Flames Media LLC , envisioned with this belief. Produce a “Simply Dominant” website, deliver the right amount of traffic, and begin the numbers game.  How many people did you talk to and how many people did you close? Website designers have to build websites with enough information and content to be relevant to the search engines.

Along with a team of world class website designers and developers, we have started on our journey to achieving every business owners dream: monetizing the internet for their specific product or service! ” Our promise to our client is to make their dream a reality and deliver more then we promise”.  Owner Steve Hannum

I enjoy high level growth (including start-from-scratch) web designs and development that generates measured ROI for business owners from small to national corporations. I thrive at delivering a product and explaining the inner workings of a “Simply Dominant” website(website design). Leveraging talent and completing sophisticated, complex projects are our specialty.  If you can think it, we can build it.  “Simply Dominant”


Developing and executing key company initiatives, website design, team leadership, online marketing, marketing communications, sales and channel management, product development, recruiting.
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