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How to Dominate – Step 5, Basics of Better Blogging

Blogging can be a very useful tool when it comes to attracting people, and if you write them well to keep them coming back for more. So for now I’m gonna touch on a few basic skills you’ll need to take your blogs to the next level.

The title is your introductory line. You’ll want to chose a title that will get the potential reader interested enough to actually read the blog. Try to pick something catchy like a common play-on-words cleverly modified but not so much to the point that people can’t tell where it came from. A terrible tactic for example would be to use an inside joke. You’ll laugh, and anyone who’s on the inside with you will laugh. But we’re talking about the entire internet here, so try to pick things that others will understand. Another strategy that works well for blog titles is for example with the title of this one: “Basics of Better Blogging.” Did you notice that all but one word of the article’s title start with “B”? The English language has many words with the same meanings and many can pull off phrases like this that make the writer seem more intelligent and witty.

Choosing a topic can be difficult at times but you’ll find it can be well worth the effort. You’ll want to chose a topic based on the particular type of site you’re involved with. If you’re working for a dentist’s site you might want to discuss; healthcare plans that include the best dental coverage, common or essential tools, and recent developments and changes in how dental work is carried out.

The worst thing any blogger can do is get off topic even if you’re praising someone be careful how much you do so. You might be putting in details that no one will even care about. Let’s pull back the dentist example. “Dr. Whoever” might have a wife/husband/cat/children. But first off, do these details even relate? Not really, unless they’re dentist’s too, ones that maybe “Dr. Whoever” wants to promote then they don’t need to be mentioned. Another example of getting off topic is if
“Dr. Whoever” starts talking about a new model of motor cycle. Which unless was crashed into someone’s teeth or had cord attaching someone’s tooth to a part of the bike for whatever intent THIS WOULD BE OFF TOPIC. A subject needs to be interesting to the reader or they could stop reading all-together and they most likely won’t come back.

The mood of your article is very critical depending on the websites focus and position in the scheme of things should determine the mood. For example a website dealing with medicine, will talk about serious topics, like healthcare, and revolutionary treatments. These are serious topics so they demand a serious voice. Whereas another example would be to for a fashion website. Their context needs to be as in the; “NOW” as their clothes, to make you say: “WOW!”

S0m3 P30Pl3 Lik3 2 Wr1t3 Th1s W4y. Don’t do that, it’s annoying! If your article is hard to read it’s not too hard to understand that people will stop reading it. Just like a teacher who gives a student a bad grade for illegible handwriting. Things like poor spelling, and “chat-speak” can turn people away. You’re not writing an SMS you’re writing a blog so unless it’s a hip-hop/R&B Music related site, try to avoid typing like that.

Just like any good looking website the blog needs to be up to par with the site itself not overshooting it and not undershooting you need to get this to be just right. A blog shouldn’t outshine the site ever and it should also never look bleak when compared either. Sometimes you might want to add a video or a picture, these visual aids can keep interest going for the article since many people would prefer to listen rather than read. Maybe even read a commentary after watching a particular video this can make a very successful blog post if the comments are interesting enough.

What it all boils down to is using good taste and better judgment to come reach out and grab the attention of your readers. Follow these steps closely and you’ll have your audience captivated and checking back regularly for more blog posts.