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The Difference Between A Static Website and a Dynamic Website and how it impacts your Internet Marketing.

Website design and internet marketing go hand in hand. First of all, in order to fully tap what the internet has to offer, you must have your own functioning website. A website that you control 100% of the time unless, of course, if you are running a user-generated type of website. You should pay attention to the “functioning” parts because a website is useless if it does not function in the way you expect it to. For example, if you built an affiliate website hoping to sell products and services from an affiliate program you are enrolled in, such website is not “functioning” if you are not generating any sales let alone click-throughs on your product and service listings. Your website is not functioning because you are not getting the results you want. This brings us to the question: What makes a website function?  Or, what are the factors that make it perform the way the webmaster intended it to? There are a lot of these factors and one of the most important of them all is website design. With a “Simply Dominant” website From Twin Flames Media LLC, you can expect a level of service and commitment to help dominate your market effectively.Bill Murphy Insurance Services.fw

How a website is presented to end users is very important. If your website has a good and professional-looking design, you have more chances of getting traffic and eventually customers. Better design means better traffic levels and user engagement. Of course, there are exceptions but these are very isolated cases. Craigslist is the perfect example of an ugly website that still gets tons of online traffic. But as we said, Craigslist is an exception. It still remains that if you want your site to perform better, you should create a good design for it. And here’s the good news: getting your hands on a good website design Sacramento does not have to be expensive, But it does have to work and that means driving traffic!

Sometimes, it’s best to look for a designer nearest to you when it comes to geographical location. For instance, if your online business is based in Sacramento, California, you might want to look for a Sacramento website design professional. There are a lot of advantages when you hire a local designer. This is especially true if your website operates a business wherein majority if not all of your customers are coming from a specific geographical area. Just because you have a business website does not necessarily mean you are limited to selling goods online. For example, if you have a restaurant, it makes sense to create a website to promote it but this does not mean you are going to sell your dishes on the web. Anyway, hiring a local designer is beneficial because he knows the area and its people. They incorporate into the site design based on what he perceives will attract the attention of the local population. So if you live in California, hiring a Sacramento website design professional would be a great idea.

Based on on-site activity, there are two main categories of websites today – static websites and dynamic websites. As the term implies, a static website is one that remains as is with the passage of time. It doesn’t get updated – if at all, the updates are minimal and limited to certain pieces of information. In most cases, a static website contains just a few web pages. With all the interactive features in the internet today, a static website is definitely obsolete. A dynamic website, on the other hand, is one that is updated on a regular basis which means that new content are published often.

A perfect example of a dynamic website is a blog. The question now is: between the two categories of websites, which one should you use in your internet marketing business website? Well, both types have their pros and cons, but a dynamic website definitely outweighs a static website. Keep in mind that search engines especially Google love sites that are regularly updated with fresh content. This is because they have more content to crawl and index – the more content you add to your website, the more often the search engine crawlers visit it.

Bill J Murphy Insurance.fwThere is very little point in keeping a static website nowadays. These static websites are normally used for squeeze pages or landing pages. For your main site however, you should see to it that has dynamic content. Internet marketing today is very competitive and is expected to get tougher in the coming months and years. To keep up with the competition, you need to be both creative and aggressive. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to increase your content productivity. If your competition is publishing new content three times a week, why not beat him to the punch by publishing content four or five times a week. That’s how the game is usually played these days – the more quality content you provide people, the more they will flock to your site. It’s really as simple as that. Let Twin Flames Media LLC, help you mold your businesses future today!

You can lose a lot of business (customers and revenue) if you don’t upgrade your business website to one that is responsive to the needs of your online audiences. A static website may work in a few very specific niches, but you will still be better off with an upgraded website. Internet marketing is about doing business using techniques and strategies that are in tune with the times. You have to keep up with the newest developments and technologies. People just love discovering new things that they can do over the net. Having an attractive website design, a competitive product offer, and relevant content are the components of a successful dynamic website. Do not forget to put everything together in an integrated marketing strategy. Make sure that everything is geared towards achieving your business goals and is targeted towards your specific niche market.

To recap everything, in order to be successful online, you have to pay attention to website design and internet marketing trends. If you are running a website with local customers, it’s recommended that you get a local designer as well. The example we provided is that you should get a Sacramento website design from Twin Flames Media LLC. And last but not the least, you should pick up the pace and make the switch from static websites to dynamic websites.